Capital C Christmas Gift Card

Capital C Christmas Gift Card

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What to give your loved one or business partners this year?

At Capital C we can list 564 reasons why you could make someone happy with a Capital C gift card. But let us start with 3 reasons.

You can spend the gift card any way you want to:
1. In Capital Kitchen you can enjoy endless coffees, cocktails or the best food you’ve ever had.

2. Get creative with your business relations and give them a day worth of meeting rooms and add yourself to the mix. No better way to start the New Year than with a good old brainstorm session. Leave it up to them what designer room they want to book.

3. A spot in the Co-Work space: Is someone kick-starting their new freelance career in 2022? Why not help them hit it off in the best way possible? With the gift card, you can give them a spot in our creative co-work. It comes with monthly community drinks, delicious coffee & tea, a gallery full of art, and colleagues for life!