The Round Room (8P)

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We reserve our designer rooms on the basis of 4 hours (morning from 09.00 – 13.00 or afternoon 13.00 – 17.00) or on the basis of 8 hours (from 09.00 – 17.00). Looking for another time slot in the middle of the day? Then we reserve the space on an 8 hour basis.

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Design by Remy & Veenhuizen

In this meeting room you never know from which direction you can expect the wind. The makers of The Round Room, Remy & Veenhuizen, use the world as their toolbox. The Tube Table is central: a round table made from recycled cardboard tubes; tube. It only started with the round table, then the designers decided to continue this theme. From the lamp above the table and the accents on the wall. This completed the circle. The round table makes no one feel cornered. The perfect place for a balanced (team) meeting or personal session.

icon-people.svg Up to 8 people
icon-audiovisual.svg LED SCREEN
icon-designer.svg Creation of a Dutch designer
icon-wifi.svg Super fast WiFi
icon-workshops.svg Whiteboard/Flipchart
icon-m2.png 22 m2
icon-euro.png 4 hours: 350,--
icon-euro.png 8 hours: 595,--